Have you experienced something eventful in Croatia?
Why not share it with the world?

Submission guidline

Who can submit?

Eventfully Croatia is open to all eventlovers  who registers.

What can be submitted?

You can submit photos from public or private events held in Croatia. From a conference to festival , party, gala dinner to wedding, no matter whether you were organiser or just participant. Catch a good moment, focuse on atmosphere  and share it with the world, but let Croatia, its lovely destinations and special venues  be the star.  

However,  not everything will get published. Eventfully Croatia is filtered, which means an Editor review each submission and decide which submissions to publish to the front.

We will always filter out profanity, spam, or anything else that is offending or just not nice.  Sometimes we will also filter out some nice photos only because they are not showing an event held in Croatia.

How does one submit?

  1. Register yourself  -  there are no special requirements or qualifications to contribute; you only have to be an eventlover. No metter whether you have organised an event or just participated. Only your e-mail and password are mandatory; however  we would love to know more info about you.
  2. Register the event and wait patiently while we moderate and publish it. This is primarely to avoide multiple event registration.
  3. Once your event is published you can start uploading the photos. First you choose an event, than category and author/source.   Eventfully Croatia respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects its users to do the same.
  4. Upload up to 10 photos  at once. Photos shuld be at least 600x400 px each; maximum 8 MB per photo. If you need to crop, fix colors, contrast, or resize, please do that before uploading .
  5. You can write a descriptive caption to help other people discover your submissions.

…and don’t forget to rate already uploaded photos by clicking on their “wow”

Tips on Submissions

Events – public or private including associations and corporate meetings, special events but also weddings (but limited to those on special venues like  historic or gorgeous open-air locations)   

Photos – Eventfully Croatia is visually driven, so the quality of the photo is important. Images should be well-lit, accurately colored, have good contrast.

Upload the photos with people on them – event business is not about empty meeting space or special venue, it is about good atmosphere and people having fun. However, avoid  personal photos, especially close-up of well-known or famous people taken withouth their permission.

We will very rarely publish pictures of you, your birthday parties or private anniversaries and  similar personal  events.  Please also pay attention that nature scenes, towns, villages, houses and buildings (including  hotels) in general are not the subjects we are covering.  

Whatever it is, please make sure you have permission to submit the photo. Author name or photo source is mandatory.   

Caption -  be smart, witty, inspiring, charming

Few Final Words

Eventfully Croatia is only as interesting and fun as the submissions that you, the community makes. Not everything has to be a photo of fancy, decadent event. We would like to be point of inspiration to all you eventlovers by interesting, unique, cool, new events of any kind (but related to events in Croatia of course). We like to see the emerging trends, cool and new venues, good atmosphere, inovative live experiences, but also oldies and goodies and  just anything as long as it is interesting and eventfull.

Stand out from the crowd - contribute to the variety that makes Eventfully Croatia unique.

If you have additional questions, you can contact us, but check out the FAQs first.