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Sandra Horvat Brborovic

hospitality and tourism professional, founder and president of the Association ‘On The Way Up’, engaged in lifestyles of quality and health, organizer of mindful hiking workshops 

From my point of view: 


Most eventfull destination in Croatia – my choice is natural scenery; especially mountain landscapes where natural creations beat up any reproduced event backgrounds. Croatian landscapes can certainly offer excellent natural scenery.  A good e

vent venue is mountain Učka and its top Vojak, a reachable place with remarkable views on Istrian peninsula and Kvarner area.

"Wow" factor that hits me immediately – a view from mountain top, each time the experience is different but it always hits me

Perfect event venue – there is a long list of extraordinary natural surroundings in Croatia that would make perfect event venues. One of them is the “Amphitheatre”, an amazing limestone formation, a masterpiece of nature, hidden in the heart of Gorski kotar highland (location - Samarske stijene), hardly reachable, however, presenting astonishing ambiances, both visually and soundwise.

If I could, I would like to organize a mindful hiking event on some of the most beautiful Croatian mountains (on Velebit, Gorski kotar ...) for people who have never experienced the hidden beauties of Croatian landscapes and the influence of mountain ambiances, while at the same time to remind them that nature is our greatest source of inspiration and creativity.

I will always remember – my wedding ceremony held outdoor, on a hiking trail called ‘Horvatove stube’ on Medvednica Mountain. It happened on New Year’s Eve, on a cold and sunny day on -7’C whereas the ceremony took place on the most beautiful rocky trail on popular Zagreb’s mountain, at that time of year covered by snow. No fancy outfits, no extravagance, just family members and nature itself witnessing the fateful act :-)

Zagreb, September 2015


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Sandra Horvat Brborovic

hospitality and tourism professional, founder and president of the Association ‘On The Way Up’, engaged in lifestyles of quality and health, organizer of mindful hiking workshops

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